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 List of websites providing free FT-IR, near-infrared, laser-Raman, UV/VIS and atomic emission spectral libraries or related data.

1. NIST atomic emission spectrum site
2. High resolution gas phase mid and near-infrared spectra of 47 small organic and inorganic molecules (calculated spectra using known molecular parameters).
3. Pacific Northwest National Lab  gas phase FTIR spectra of 480 organic compounds  
4. Gas phase FTIR spectra of roughly 1000 compounds from Ansyco which is a German division of Gasmet Technologies Oy,  a company headquartered in Finland
5. NIST FTIR gas phase spectra of 40 common organic compounds
6. List of free Laser-Raman spectral databases of minerals
7. NASA-JPL  visible/NIR reflectance spectra of 160 minerals
8.             Blackbody emission spectrum calculator










SDBS  (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST))  spectral database for organic compounds -  mid-infrared and laser Raman spectra of liquid phase organic compounds


Mineral spectroscopy server (Cal Tech)  free mineral Raman, UV/VIS-near-infrared, mid-IR spectra.


Near-infrared, Mid-IR and UV/VIS  reflection spectra of minerals from the US Geological Survey, with approximately 700 near-infrared spectra.