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PATENTS Available for Licensing


        Innovative Science Tools, Inc. has four issued US patents (US 8,859,969, US 9,297,749, US 9,528,876, and US 10,060,849) .   The first two patents describe a design for a low-cost, handheld near-infrared spectroscopic analyzer that can be used for identification of materials including counterfeit drug detection, pharmaceutical ingredient  or finished product quality control, and polymer identification for recycling.   Patents (1. and 2. below) respectively cover the reflection and transmission spectroscopy versions of the handheld optical spectroscopic analyzer and both employ a multi-LED based light source.    The third patent (3. below)  covers an improved solid state light source that can be used with the handheld optical spectroscopic analyzer, where with the new patent design, the light source only employs a single LED source combined with a broadband phosphor element for analysis in the short wavelength near-infrared range.    The light source in the 3rd patent also has an embodiment that covers the visible wavelength range together with the short wavelength near-infrared range by adding a white LED.    These three patents have also been filed  with the European patent group of countries where they are pending.   The fourth patent is a continuation of US 9,297,749, that has claims covering an embodiment of the multi-LED near-infrared light source with a circular array of monolithically LED chips (without integral lenses) coupled to a polygonal waveguide homogenizer element.   The embodiment is shown if Figs. 6 and 7 of the continuation and original patents.  This multi-LED light source is combined with a diffraction grating spectrometer module and sample holder, to provide an analyzer system for material chemical identification.   Links to these issued US patents are included below.      Innovative Science Tools also has essentially the same four patents issued by the European Patent Office in the following countries:   Great Britain, Germany, Switzerland, and France.


1.       "Optical analyzer for identification of materials using reflectance spectroscopy"     US 8,859,969 , also WO 2013148666


2.         "Optical analyzer for identification of materials using transmission spectroscopy"    US 9,297,749  , also WO 2013148656              


3.           "Solid state broadband near-infrared light source"  US 9,528,876 ,   PCT application no. PCT/IB2015/057368


4.    "Optical analyzer for identification of materials using transmission spectroscopy" - (continuation)  US 10,060,849