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CONSULTING CAPABILITIES (located in the Boston area)


Consulting services in optical spectroscopy can be provided in the following areas:


1.             Optical  spectroscopic methods and instrumentation
  Methods and instrumentation for chemical analysis and sensing, including  near-infrared, mid-infrared FTIR, UV/visible and fluorescence spectroscopy,  and hyperspectral imaging.  Experienced in spectroscopic analysis applications in the following areas:  medical diagnostics, pharmaceutical analysis, counterfeit drug detection,  homeland security, environmental monitoring,  bioprocess monitoring, and semiconductor quality control and process diagnostics.
2. Design and construction of sampling fixtures and optics
  Design and develop custom sampling fixtures and optics for optical spectroscopic measurements, including fiber-optic probes and fiber-optic elements.
3. Multivariate calibration (chemometric) method development

Develop multivariate calibration (chemometric) methods for qualitative and quantitative analysis in optical spectroscopy.    These methods, which are carried out by commercial multiivariate analysis software packages,  calculate sample material chemical  identity, or the concentration of specific sample chemical components from spectral data obtained from a sample.



 R. Micheels biographical sketch


 Columbia University   Postdoctoral Research Associate, Chem. Dept. (picosecond laser UV/VIS absorption and fluorescence spectroscopy)  1977-1978

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Ph.D.  Physical Chemistry  (infrared laser/microwave double resonance, time resolved spectroscopy)   1977               

 University of Rochester      B.S.   Chemistry       1972


Positions and Employment

 1979 -1981      Senior Scientist,  EIC  Laboratories, Newton MA

1981-1993       Project manager, Senior Chemist,  Mobil Solar Energy Corp.,  Billerica, MA

1994                  Consultant

1995-2009       Vice President Technology Development, Polestar Technologies Inc., Needham MA

2009 -                President,  Innovative Science Tools, Inc.,  Concord, MA



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2.  US5,082,791   Solar cell with trench through pn junction

3.  US5,813,403   Optical measurement of tissue pH

4.  US5,957,858   Systems and Methods for Monitoring Relative Concentrations of Isotopic    Species

5.  US6,006,119   Non-invasive optical measurement of blood hematocrit (method)

6.  US6,304,767   Non-invasive optical measurement of blood hematocrit  (device)

7.  US7,000,490   Thermoelectrically cooled water trap

8.  US7,840,360  Optical System and Method for Inspection and Characterization of Liquids in Vessels 

9.  US8,859,969   Optical analyzer for identification of materials using reflectance spectroscopy (US patent issued, European pending)

10. US9,2977,49 Optical analyzer for identification of materials using transmission spectroscopy (US patent issued,  European pending)

11. US9,528,876  Solid state broadband near-infrared light source ( US patent  issued, European pending)



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