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1.             Low-cost handheld near-infrared spectroscopic analyzer
  Low-cost handheld near-infrared (NIR) analyzer for chemical identification and analysis of materials including solids, powders, and liquids.  The handheld analyzer can be used for detection of counterfeit drugs, quality control in pharmaceutical, chemical and polymer industries, identification of materials in forensic and environmental analysis, homeland security and mineral identification.   In addition, the analyzer can be used for chemical compound quantification measurements.   The analyzer employs near-infrared transmission and reflection spectroscopy and is based on recent advances in photonics technology.   The analyzer includes a proprietary solid state light source, special fixtures for transmission analysis of drug tablets and capsules, transmission measurement of liquids, and also a fiber-optic reflection probe for identification of materials using optical reflection sampling.    A prototype analyzer is available for demonstration.
2. Optical anti-counterfeit identification systems
  Optical systems for more secure identification of authentic currency, and covert marking of currency or other items
3. Spectroscopic system for monitoring industrial algae cultures
  Low-cost spectroscopic systems for monitoring of key parameters of algae cultures used to produce biofuels